Greg Lostracco

Released on the East Van Digital Bass vol. 4 compilation, this track is a collaboration with Trypta, Jesse "Sleepwreck" Davis, and at the time local kootenay talent Candace Marie.


This is a piece for solo piano. I'm told by a friend that it is in fact possible for a human to play it.

Composer  •  Producer  •  Teacher

Hi, thanks for stopping by my page. Here you will find an assortment of my music and other music related things. I have a broad range of musical interests, so feel free to read the little blurbs and check out the content.



Parallax Invasion was written for a bunch of cheap instruments and some midi, which I call the Dollar Store Orchestra, and  performed by me.

Psudaform has been a long time project of mine, moprhing through different stages and incarnations. This is a group of some of the more cerebral tracks.

Greg Lostracco is a composer, producer and music teacher based out of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Drawing from a wide range of influences and experiences, Greg brings a vast musical vocabulary to any situation. Wether he's composing electronic music, for orchestral ensemble, or programming interactive audio environments, Greg has the ability to synthesize contrasting musical elements in a way that is as creative as it is technical, and as intuitive as it is complex.

Shambhala - Labyrinth Stage

Indifference Curve: Feel OK

This is a collaboration with friend and local musician Rich Rabnett.

The Dollar Store Orchestra is a small experimental ensemble for midi and cheap instruments, composed and performed by me. These are some early sketches and pieces from their catalogue.


Trypta is a multimedia collaboration with my brother Keith and I, which performed at numerous western Canadian festivals in including Shambhala, Motion Notion and Starbelly Jam.


My Hands -


Redux Preset Pack Overview


Psudaform - Shambhala


These are some various pieces from different projects and collaborations of mine.