I am available in a freelance capacity for:

Music Composition

Here is a list of various of various notable companies which I have provided freelance audio services for various events and productions.

Music Production

Sound Design

Max/Msp Programming

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• V Squared Labs

• Live Nation

• California Lottery

• Renoise

contact - greg.sonix@gmail.com for inquiries

The NBC Heroes Comic-Con Experience was a multimedia, augmented reality installation created by V SquareLabs, for NBC at the San Diego Comic-Con 2015.

It was my responsibility to:

• Create a 5.1 surround sound audio generative motion tracking audio environment, in which the participants hand motions would simulate the "superpower"‚Äč of telekinesis. This would translate the effects of throwing flames from their hands in a 3d space to audio.

• Create a 5.1 soundtrack, including VoiceOvers, Custom SFX, low frequency "LFE" sub tones for Vibro-Acoustic Transducer (rumble pads)

• Design a playback solution for the event which would playback and host the sound track, generative motion tracking audio, and be reliable for synced playback for the entirety of the event.